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Countless advantages with HidroHibrid ® system

As HidroHibrid® works

HidroHibrid ® equipment together with the air entering a small amount of water decoupled pre combustion chamber, causing an increase in power generated by the molecular dissociation of water when in contact with high temperature and cylinder pressure, obtaining and full combustion of fossil and lower fuel consumption (from 12% to 25% on diesel and petrol by 15% to 25%). For example, JEEP CHEROKEE 4700cc: save 24% gasoline and 80% less CO. CO2 is proportional to fuel economy.

What is pre dissociation?

It is a small tube of water inside which there are several small plates and nickel crom apart for the water to circulate between them with a given battery voltage, which, by induction tiny bubbles that enter a occur into the engine along with the rest of water, the temperature and the engine compression converts hydrogen.

Elimination of gases

Thanks to the hydrogen bubbles mixed with water by hydrogen compression and engine temperature all ends up becoming Hydrogen Oxyhydrogen effecting complete combustion, reducing harmful gases by:

· Petrol engines from 80 to 95% removal 
· Diesel engine 70 to 85% clearance

Benefits HidroHibrid®

Longer engine life.

Always clean spark plugs and injectors.

Catalyst, oil filter ...

Control efficiently 
consumption expenditure.

Optimize the use of your car engine.

Less contamination.


All would last twice by removal of carbonaceous residues.

Datasheet HidroHibrid®

For cars and vans, pump micro water flow, and filter installed. Next, the water passes through the pre-cleavage and is on track for the engine intake, dosing spray droplets of water and hydrogen into the combustion chamber, all commanded by an electronic system that meters the amount of drops by consumption engine fuel. The water reaches the engine only if it is running. 

For trucks, boats, generators, buses and construction equipment in general, a water tank 25 liters is installed.

2 year warranty. 

Hydrogen is the future. Hidrohibrid is the only guarantee results. 

We must seize this future in key hydrogen even small amounts of savings as we are recording 15% / 25% or more and later, if the hydrogen gains prominence will outweigh the benefits.