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The HidroHibrid ® patented system (patent number GB 2360993 A1) is a technical application that allows us to efficiently capitalize costs fuel consumption and increase power output.

HidroHibrid ® is a unique device designed entirely for that purpose ... with an application in the plenum air in your car's engine gets a power increase from 7% to 12% while fuel consumption decreases from 18 % and 22% depending on the vehicle. Also get rid of the exhaust gases and waste resulting from incomplete combustion temperature and also reduces engine noise.


Hidrohibrid comes with instructions for proper installation

Price Hidrohibrid to mount . € 400
Price Hidrohibrid installed in our workshops : € 450
( for trucks and boats check rates)


. what constitutes


water injection in internal combustion engines has been evaluated since 1922 in aircraft. Thanks to the power of water coolant water uptake allowed full swing aircraft engine without this is about warm and reducing the emission of oxides of nitrogen, a gas that reacts with the atmosphere to produce acid rain .

HidroHibrid ® system operates with a small injection predisociada previously softened water and hydrogen and water in the approximate ratio of 40/60 % and is introduced into the interior of the intake chamber where steam becomes hydrogenated without the need for reforms in the engine or body . And this small amount of hydrogen water together with hydrogen in a reaction inside the combustion chamber as temperature and compression for the small amount of hydrogen and water vapor distilled hydrogenated eliminating effect a complete combustion of unburnt fuel residues and resulting in less pollution 65-75 % in Diesel and 85 to 90% on Petrol and fuel savings of between 18-22 % in Diesel and 19 to 25 % on Petrol, and elimination of smoke in the exhaust, and all with a consumption of less than 0.75 milliamps courtesy light. free
HidroHibrid ® produces a longer life of the engine ( diesel and gasoline) , spark plugs and injectors clean and always further, the catalyst , oil filter ... everything lasts twice by the removal of carbonaceous residues.




The application of this model is intended for internal combustion engines are gasoline, Diesel or Gas, farm machinery and construction equipment.